Welcome to Mohanty Rupalaya

Established in 1990, MOHANTY RUPALAYA a renowned name in Odisha provides all types of Indian cultural dresses on rental. We provide all types of Indian traditional dresses, drama dress, festival dress like Ras Garba, Folk Dance, Western Dance, Dramas, Fancy Dress and Dresses for Pouranic Drams. for school, colleges or any event available on rent with every sizes and also we provide Odishi Dress and Jewelers.

Mohanty Rupalaya “Odisha’s Leading Costumiers”, the pioneer in supplying costumes & accessories to all over india was established in the year 1982, almost a thirty one years ago, In the early 80's. The company was established by Mr. Banmali Mohanty, Mr. B Mohanty was providing dresses all over odisha. His reign of supplying dresses all over the world was carried forth by his grandson, after he passed away (Mr. Biswajit Mohanty) continues to provide dresses all over the india Since last 7 years.